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Enclosed Exotic Car & Motorcycle Transport

What’s the difference between regular vehicle transport and enclosed vehicle transport? An enclosed trailer allows vehicles to get from pickup to drop-off free from, the dust, the grime and the elements of the road. Automobile business owners, sometimes groups of individuals, who want to have their exotic, racing, customized, classic vehicles or motorcycles transported, will opt for this service but anyone can request enclosed shipping. We have a 53′ double level trailer with a hydraulic ‘lift-gate’ for loading to ensure that low-profile vehicles are loaded with clearance to spare. The utilization of this can be for exotic cars, top-fuel drag cars, customized vehicles and automobiles with less than a 3-inch allowance to the ground. Lift-gate loading also means your vehicle will not be subject to metal components like tow hooks and chains. Another benefit of this style of loading is that the lift gate keeps the vehicle level at all times and will reduce the risk of damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle. Here are some of the benefits when using Classic for your vehicle transport needs.

Heavy Duty Towing

By having a large fleet of Heavy Duty Tow Trucks we are able to handle many breakdowns simultaneously, which means getting your truck, bus, or rig to be repaired quicker. These trucks were designed to handle the heaviest of trucks on the road today and are equipped with under-reach and wheel lift capabilities, allowing for damage-free towing. Our Rotator has a full 360 degree radius, and remote control operation. Our Low-boy and Landoll tractor-trailers also allow us to transport heavy equipment, specialty equipment, or a variety of vehicles at once. By having new equipment and “State of the Art” training and techniques, our company has become a leader in the towing industry.

Heavy Recoveries: Our Heavy Duty tow trucks are designed tow:
High Centers(Bottoming Out)~Accident Recovery
Buses: Tour, Charter, City
Semi -Tractor Trailers, Tankers ~Bobtails, Straight Trucks
Cement Trucks ~Garbage Trucks
Motor Homes
Dump Trucks
5th-wheel Trailers
Heavy Equipment Transport

Medium Duty Towing

Our Medium Duty Tow Trucks are exceptionally flexible in what they can tow. Some jobs don’t require our large three axle rigs, but need some serious towing power. Our Medium duty trucks are by far the most versatile tow trucks on the road today. They can tow vehicles as small as motorcycles to vehicles as large as bobtails. They are all equipped with modern wheel-system, which eliminates all contact with your vehicle except for the rubber on your tires. They allow us to retrieve vehicles in the most confining situations. The medium size allow for superior maneuvering with greater towing and recovering power than a small tow truck.

Our Medium Duty Trucks are ideal for the following:
Box Trucks
Class C Motor Homes
Utility Trucks
Delivery Trucks
Large ball hitch Trailers

Light Duty Towing

Our Light Duty Tow Trucks were designed for extreme maneuverability and equipped to handle a large range of vehicles. Their size is ideal for all passenger vehicles and motorcycles. Like the medium duty tow trucks they are all equipped with modern wheel-system, this eliminates contact with your vehicle except for the rubber on your tires. They are also able to tow vehicles using an auto loader, which picks up all four wheels off the ground. This allows us to tow vehicles that don’t roll, stuck in gear, or heavily damaged.

Our Light Duty Trucks are used for the following:
Pick Up Trucks
Small Trailers

Roadside Service

Don’t be surprised if you call us to tow your vehicle and we fix a simple mechanical flaw to get your car or truck back up on the road. Our belief is to continually exceed our customer’s expectations and provide the best possible service. Our outstanding customer retention rate is proof of our commitment and confirms our ability to provide superior service and customer satisfaction.

A brief list of roadside services we provide:
Jump start (dead battery)
Tire Change (passenger vehicles, cars, vans, suv, pick-up)
Lockout (keys locked inside vehicle)
Fuel Delivery (gas & diesel)

Air-Cushion Recovery

By using inflatable Air Cushions to lift fragile and or oversized loads or structures without causing further damage to either structure or load. These cushions are designed so that they can be placed under the load and then inflated to start the recovery process. Tractor Trailers are prime candidates for low pressure air cushion lifting, Large Buses, Aircraft etc… All can be recovered. Our Experienced Air Cushion Recovery Crews know how to get the job done safely and quickly. Airplane recovery with and F.A.A., A. & P. are part on our staff.

Street Cleanup

Our clean up crews are needed often, and know how to get the job done in a timely fashion. We have available 1-40 yard dumpsters for all load transfers, a bobcat with a grapple bucket, forks and street sweeper attachment for all types of cleanup.

1-40 yard dumpsters
All types of cleanup
We take care of it all
Available 24/7

Parking Control Program For Private Properties

Today’s need for transportation has caused parking to become scarce. Many property managers are finding random vehicles parking illegally in their lots. This causes a problem for tenants or customers. To maintain control, Classic Towing Services can help by towing unwanted vehicles from your property Free of Charge. By providing free tow away signs, property managers may request to tow unauthorized vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our live dispatches will be happy to direct a tow truck promptly to the requested location. For proper documentation our drivers complete a vehicle inventory with the authorizing agent and immediately report the removal to the local police department. In addition, our signs will also provide assistance to your tenants or customers when they are in need of road service or a tow.

Free Tow Away Signs.
24 Hour, 7 Days a week service,
Towing charged to the owner of vehicle.
Safe and Legal Towing, avoiding potential.

Vehicle Disposal

CLASSIC Towing Pays You! Do you have an old car that is taking up valuable garage space or is broken down? We provide a service that helps you get rid of unwanted vehicles. We make it so easy for you. We will come and pick up any unused vehicle and pay you cash on the spot! (You must have the title and the keys, for this offer to be valid.)

We pay you cash upon pickup.
You get paid!
We take care of all vehicle documents
Free up space that you need.