Helping to ensure safe and accident free service, CLASSIC’S vehicles are identified with the CLASSIC logo having reflective graphics and state of the art safety strobe and work lights.

Light Duty Towing

Our light duty trucks are able to tow vehicles using a “State of the Art” wheel lift system, which can pick up all four wheels off the ground. This allows us to tow vehicles that don’t roll, are stuck in gear, or are heavily damaged. Our Light duty trucks can tow all types of Small Trucks, Automobiles, SUV’s and Motorcycles.

Flatbed Towing

Our Flatbed Towing equipment utilizes the latest techniques designed for the towing industry, including air ride, hydraulic pumps, safety chains, wheel lifts and tie down straps. Our Flatbeds are ideal for towing exotic, classic and show cars, light equipment, all wheel drive vehicles, containers and extreme accident vehicles.

Medium Duty Towing

Our Medium duty trucks are the most versatile tow trucks on the road today. They are all equipped with air ride suspension and modern wheel-system, which eliminates all contact with your vehicle except for the rubber on your tires, cable boom paint protectors, hydraulic controls for all under lift functions. Our Medium Duty Trucks are ideal for Box trucks, School buses, Delivery Trucks, Class C Motor Homes, Utility Trucks and Large Ball hitch trailers.

Heavy Duty Towing

Our Heavy duty trucks were designed to handle the heaviest of trucks on the road today and are equipped with air ride suspension, under-reach and wheel lift capabilities, allowing for damage-free towing. Our Heavy Duty Trucks are used to recover Commuter buses, Tractor Trailers, Loaded Dump Trucks and Garbage Trucks.


Our Rotator can handle the most difficult of situations, rated the “Best in Class” for lift, reach, stability, rotation and recovery. A combination of heavy-duty capabilities, incredible rotation, unsurpassed pulling capacity and superior design. It features a boom that rotates a full 360 degrees, is rated at 120,000 pounds while the boom is retracted, can handle a side pull of more than 68,000, and is remote control operated, giving our operator the flexibility to move around the site ensuring a smooth recovery. Equipped with air ride suspension, our Rotator is used in situations such as, over an embankment, overturned trucks, heavy equipment, and many others.

Landoll Haulall Trailer

Our versatile Landoll Haulall Trailer can transport heavy equipment or machinery locally or across the country. The true versatility of this workhorse trailer is its ability to completely rise to dock height. It can also tilt down to the ground to allow the equipment to be driven on and off without assistance. All of our semi trucks and trailers are equipped with air ride suspensions for a smooth ride. Our Landoll Hauloll is intended for general transport of buses, front loaders, motor homes, and shipping containers, etc. (Photo soon)

Lowboy Trailer

Our Lowboy Trailer is another of our exceptional pieces of transport equipment. Compete with a 96″ swing radius low profile goosneck, hydraulic support cylinder, Air Ride Suspension, Anti-Lock brake system, 65 ton Drop side, 27 foot well and much more. Our Lowboy is designed to transport heavy equipment, front loaders, cranes, etc.

53′ Enclosed Double Level Trailer

Our 53′ Double level enclosed trailer has been custom built, complete with the latest in Hydraulic lift gates, track systems and air ride suspensions. The hydraulic lift gate allows for the industries most efficient loading and unloading. This lift gate’s stability and power will keep vehicles level at all times and can handle vehicles with as little as a 3″ clearing. Our State of the Art Trailer is used for Exotic cars, Classic cars, Race Cars, and Motorcycles of all kinds.